Temporary Suspension of Fundraising

Why is this temporary suspension of fundraising necessary?

Our costs have been considerably reduced since the HSE took over St. Brigid’s Hospice and Home Care Service in October 2018. Since then, we no longer contribute towards all the running costs of the Hospice or Home Care Service so our expenditure has dwindled, but donations have continued to flow in.


Do the Friends not benefit from extra funding?

The Charities Regulator does not permit Charities to accumulate funds, and this is why we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily suspend fundraising.


How have the Friends spent funds raised up to now?

The Friends set up the first palliative care bed in the Drogheda Memorial Hospital, the Curragh in 1991. In 2004, this became St. Brigid’s Hospice when a consultant-led purpose built unit, paid for by the Friends, opened on the site. Some years later, the Friends, in conjunction with the HSE, decided to extend and refurbish the Hospice.

Funding from the Friends continued to provide and improve upon patient care and comfort in a variety of ways to both in-house and home-care patients.


6 million euro

The most costly project undertaken by the Friends was this beautiful, new, architect-designed, spacious and comfortable Hospice which is enjoyed by all. It is surrounded by landscaped gardens and comprises 13 palliative care beds in private rooms. The cost of this premises came to 6 million euro and was raised by the Friends.


How did the Friends raise so much money?

The Directors of the Friends of St Brigid’s undertook the drive to build this new Hospice but we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our numerous volunteer collectors and supporters, throughout Kildare and West Wicklow who organised many and varied fundraising activities in order to raise the money we needed to bring our project to its completion. Our funds have continued to rise and rise, thanks to your ongoing kindness and generosity.


Will the Friends resume fundraising?

The suspension of fundraising is a temporary measure. This year we will not participate in either the Sunflower Collection in June or in the Coffee Morning event in September.



We need the input of the HSE in order to pursue projects which will develop palliative care in our area, and once that comes through, we can resume our fundraising activities and will be delighted to accept all funds raised on our behalf again.


The Directors of the Friend’s of St Brigid’s

Thank you for your continued Support and Interest

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